Our services are largely divided under two broad categories such as Photography Services and Photography Training Services.


A) Photography Services:


The following photography services are offered under this category;


  • Fashion Photography

  • Wedding Photography

  • Personal Portraits 

  • Corporate Portraits

  • Food Photography

  • Maternity Photography

  • Editorial Photography

  • Product Photography

B) Photography Training Services:


The following photography training services are offered 

under this category;

  • Guest Lecturing

  • Workshops (Co-working, corporates, institutions, etc.)

  • Basic Photography Workshops

  • Advanced Photography Workshops

  • One-to-One Sessions

  • One Day Workshops

  • Mobile Photography Workshops

  • Photowalks

  • Post-Processing Workshops

  • International Experts



Photography is an important element of visual communication in the modern World. Every business, every brand needs a distinct visual identity. A professional photographer knows how to carefully capture the essential diversities to build a strong image of the brand. Our services are thus masterfully curated keeping the integrity of the brand and other specific requirements in mind. Be it our photography services or photography training services, we strongly emphasise on quality centric delivery approach.


Personalisation of photoshoots, workshops, trainings or seminars are pragmatically done after having a detailed discussion with our clients and understanding the actual requirement. 

Please mention the requirement in the subject line clearly when you are sending in the inquiry for us to have a fair idea about the requirement before connecting with you and take the discussion ahead. Inquiries without requirement details might result in us consider it as a spam. We would want to work with individuals and organisations who appreciate sincere professional way of functioning and for us that starts from the very first contact you have with us! 

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Priya Banik Photography - Mentor & Consultant

Shalini Singh

Singer - Composer

Priya has a very fresh outlook to pictures and is very creative. She can handle any kind of situation and produce wonders out of not much. Priya does her homework so there is no time lag and work gets done very fast. I would certainly hire her again. Her pics are very professional and can be used for billboards and high profile magazines. Looking forward to working again soon.

Deepti Kundra


Priya is not only a highly talented individual but also a holistic person. I have known her and her passion for photography for many years now. Her eye for detail, expert composition and intelligent interplay of light with color has always been her strongest assets. She is also a great example of how someone with immense creativity can be a successful entrepreneur. Priya apart from being a true professional is also someone with a generous heart and above all a lovely person to be with.

Gerry O'Leary

Award Winning Photographer

Priya was my awesome photographers assistant when I was shooting Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3. Additional she was punctual, courteous, humorous and always obliging while assisting me and in that regard I would have no hesitation recommending her.