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Priya Banik Photography, brings to you the best of photography services and trainings all-under-one-roof. She is a Photographer of choice from Wedding photography to Fashion portfolio and from Maternity photo shoot to Portrait photography. Her services are carefully personalised to suit everyone's need. With almost a decade and a half of extensive professional experience as a Photographer and over ten years as a trainer in different parts of the world and having pragmatically shot several elaborate photography assignments, Priya Banik Photography (PBP) is the absolute professional photography partner that you can rely upon for a grooming yourself into a photographer or a 'picture perfect' photography session.


Priya Banik Photography is perfectly poised to handle all the intricacies to do with a classy photo shoot and deliver top-notch quality output as well as conduct workshops and seminars in all genres of photography. 


Her whole-hearted dedication is towards bringing you the best of quality services at par global standards in a very well organised and professional manner. She is a creative artist who is completely fascinated by the fact that it is possible to capture invaluable moments to create loving memories and help someone cherish those fond memories when they take a ‘walk down the memory lane’ years later! It inspires her that her work can make people happy, put a smile on their faces! Especially as a Wedding Photographer, she takes it upon herself to freeze such amazing moments through the lenses that enable weave a fine blanket of wonderful memories. She helps you relive those celebrations all over again each time you have a look at those pictures!


Her hands-on experience in mentoring and nurturing students in Photography especially in grooming them to become professionals in the industry and having conducted numerous workshops for different institutes and individually  adds so much value to the whole proposition. She adds in a lot of her personal experience in her teaching profession, to give the real picture of how this industry works. She takes her work seriously and is highly passionate, hence she treats it as an incredible medium of expressing herself.


“Moments are lived in the present but captured through the lens to be treasured forever!". She creates your memories and feels happy seeing you happy! That's what drives her! And, as they say “a picture can express more than a thousand words"... She just tries to make it a 'little more expressive’!

Priya Banik Photography offers a complete array of Photography services. She is based out of the beautiful city of Bangalore, India. However, considering the high demand for her services, she practically travels to any location in India or abroad to ensure coverage of a photography assignments as well as trainings and workshops. She has been tied up with a few reputed institutes worldwide. Individually she also organises a lot of value added photowalks and live seminars as well as one-to-one sessions, as the requirement is very high. Her shooting experience with different genres comes by assisting and getting to work with some of the big names in the world of photography across the globe in turn providing high quotient of professionalism and commitment to quality service forms the core of her deliverable. She is flexible and earnestly diligent, and can assure you a great experience working with her from the first contact. The only motivation she works for is your satisfaction and happiness and the only bonus she expects in return is a testimonial!!


Priya Banik Photography - Photography trainer & Photography services

Priya Banik Photography -  Photography Specialist

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